Considering the advanced age of some elementary pupils, many starting school late and finishing primary school in their mid-teens, and the lack of quality early childhood education programs available for the most disadvantaged, a separate pre-school and playground were built in 2009 with funding from “ING Direct Kids Foundation.”
It was felt that many of the so called learning disabilities identified through psychological screening were probably caused by a lack of early stimulation and pre-school education.
The pre-school enrols 20 children aged 3 to 5. Valezca Lozada Reynosa, an experienced pre-school teacher, runs a varied and rich program with the assistance of Frida Medina Tavara.
Story time
Craft time
Singing Time
Building time
Painting time
Breakfast time
Preschool playground
Making Bubbles
Playing house
Building their own adobe house
Dancing time
Marching for the "National Day of Pre-School Education"