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Contact Information

Foundation Address:   141 Wychwood Place, London, Ontario, Canada  N6G 1S7

Telephone:                   519-472-0035

Fax:                              519-472-1190



Board of Directors

Chair and Treasurer:                                                                              

Louise Mauffette-Leenders, MBA, has worked in social services since 1987 and in international development since 2000. She is a founder of La Ribambelle, a French preschool centre, in London, Ontario.  A case-writer by background and co-author of several books, she has taught with her husband Mike educators from various countries around the world on how to use the Case Method


Sally Vernon, PhD, was one of the founders of the Waldorf School in London Ontario in 1980. She worked there as administrator and remedial teacher until 1992 and then served as president of the Waldorf Schools Association of Ontario. In harmony with the principles and purposes of the Waldorf School, she is committed to the support of diverse, small-scale, organic agriculture, as founder and director of the ROSE Land Trust that holds and protects Sunnivue Farm, in Ailsa Craig Ontario. Also a musician, she plays the violin in the London Community Orchestra.  


Michiel R. Leenders, DBA, is Professor Emeritus at the Richard Ivey School of Business. He has written various books in the supply management field and consulted internationally. He has also co-authored various books on the Case Method and given case teaching and writing workshops with Louise around the world.

Our Role


Louise and Sally go to Zaña twice a year to monitor and review the programs. Normally in November or early December, at the end of the school year, they visit the school for about two weeks, spending time in each classroom with the students, attending the monthly School for Parents and reviewing the special courses offered by the school, such as English and Physical Education. They also interview new bursary candidates and visit their families, as well as meet with the current bursary recipients.
In addition they meet with the teachers, principal, and directors of Asociación Petirrojo Peru to review the school year and prepare the budget for the following year. With all involved, they review the Reglamento Interno, a document that defines the rights, duties and responsibilities of all the stakeholders and oversee the good functioning of the school. Louise also checks carefully the accounts and receipts of the two previous trimesters since the last visit.
In May or early June, Louise and Sally return for one week to ten days to verify the implementation of the plans and budget as well as monitor the work accomplished. The Foundation and the Asociación Petirrojo Perú exchange their annual reports and financial statements. If necessary they meet with the Asociación’s accountant. They also make a point of meeting with the bursary recipients and the local high school authorities as required.


Meeting of Sally and Louise with the Teachers and Principal
Visit of a new bursary student's home

Charitable Status


The Petirojo Foundation/Fondation Petirojo is a registered charity established by virtue of the Canada Non-for-Profit Corporation Act.
Charitable Registration No: 84948 1387 RR0001