The ratio of teacher to pupils does not surpass one to 15.  With an enrolment of 38 students in 2017, the elementary program could accept a few more students.
Pamela Briones Rodriguez teaches grade 1 and 2; Cecilia Noriega Ramos, grades 3 and 4; and Marleny Falla Vallejos, grades 5 and 6.
A full breakfast is served daily.  
The state curriculum is enriched with English classes for all the grades, in addition to drama anddance, arts and crafts, and cooking workshops.
Outings to museums and recreational complexes take place from time to time.
Our students also participate in community-wide events such as campaigns to preserve the environment or to promote children’s rights.
Monday morning ceremony with Cecilia leading.
Pamela's grade 1 and 2 classroom, May 2017
Pamela helping a grade 1 student
Ceci's Grade 3 and 4 Class, Nov 2016
Ceci providing individual attention to a Grade 3 student
 Marleny's Grade 5 and 6 Classroom, May 2016
Jackie's Grade 3 and 4 English Class
Proud of her new glasses paid for by the school.
Brushing teeth after breakfast and keeping good hygiene practices are part of the daily routine.
Sun protection installed over the playground, May 2017.
In 2018, both our boys and girls soccer teams won the tournament championship 
against the much larger public school.
Drama class
Student performance
Cooking class
Enjoying a puppet show
Grade 5 and 6 students collaborating on a mural with art teacher Yim
Learning through art
Playing with legos for the first time.
A play by the students on the impact we have on the environment and the importance of preserving nature.
A Columbian storyteller sharing a story about the moon.
A traditional dance performed by students.